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CASE STUDY: 26% increase in like-for-like sales

Direct Mail. It is not high on every modern retail Marketer's priority list, given the lower cost digital channels you can reach your customers through today. But ironically, because fewer retailers engage in Direct Mail campaigns these days, the ones that do have the chance to make a really strong impact through the letterbox. An even deliver an increase in like-for-like sales as a result. In an environment where you're competing for split second appearances in Facebook newsfeeds and fighting to stand out in the email inbox, a beautifully crafted brochure has the potential to grab and own a consumer's attention for far longer.

One of our clients, Rockett St. George had the foresight to recognise this, but at the same time, acknowledged that sending brochures to their entire database would not be wise, given the cost of print, fulfillment and postage.

So they ensured their 2015 Christmas Look Book was sent to the best people, filled with a beautifully shot curation of the most relevant products.

Over the four weeks after the Look Book dropped like-for-like performance increased by 26%. 

26% LFL difference
26% LFL difference

Customer data; the foundation on which performance improved

We're sensitive to not disclose specific details of the work that we or the client undertook. As a high level summary we can share that we analysed and prepared the data into a variety of specific segments, which our partner Leapfrogg then profiled through further qualitative insight.

The results: a set of holistic customer learnings that were used to shape the Look Book and to target specific people to send it to. This quote says it all!

“We have just sent out our Christmas Look Book and with the use of the Leapfrogg customer insight in the creation of the catalogue, together with the data from rais, this has been the most successful 3 days of business ever! We sent it out to half the amount of people than previously, so it has cut costs and increased sales – brilliant.

It just proves that the quality of your data is essential to have an effective campaign.”

Jane Rockett, Co-Founder, Rockett St George

If you're interested in finding out how affordable Direct Mail might fit into your customer retention and acquisition plans, then get in touch!