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4 tips on how to create the perfect landing page

The power of a landing page cannot be underestimated. Home pages are important but they're not always the first page a visitor sees. Landing pages, by definition are. And if that visitor is a potential customer, then it's all the more important to ensure you make a great first impression and avoid the dreaded "bounce". So how do you create the perfect landing page that has the power to draw people in, reduce bounce rate and increase conversions?

1. Create the perfect landing page: make use of analytics

Google Analytics will give you a detailed insight about your visitors and visitor trends. Providing information about where they spend their time on your site and what links they click on. Google Analytics is a priceless tool for those wanting to optimise their landing page. Although the platform also provides some visitor demographic information, if this is what you are looking for, there are a range of tools available which give more in-depth information such as live interaction, browsing history on your landing pages and any previous interactions with your landing page.

2. Keep visitors focussed

A landing page is designed to keep visitors’ attention focused on it and what it is offering. Having multiple menus and umpteen links to other pages distracts the user and can result in them exiting the page without them doing what you want them to be doing – whether that’s making a purchase there and then or filling in an enquiry form. Making pages simple with snappy, creative and enticing copy will keep them focussed on the page and make them more likely to follow through. In the same way you'd do with an email, resist the urge to place multiple calls-to-action within a single landing page.

3. Tell them how great you are

One of the best and easiest ways to optimise a landing page is by shouting about your successes. Including testimonials, quotes and even videos from existing customers adds value to your business and encourages potential customers to find out more. In fact, a survey conducted last year stated that 61% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase decision. So where better to include glowing reviews than a landing page?

4. Remember landing pages are just normal webpages

Often people forget that landing pages are just webpages. Trying to do something fancy or outlandish will generally not work if your brand and rest of your website is not like that. Make sure you put across your brand’s values and expertise in a way that reflects your business in order to provide potential customers with a true representation. And don’t forget to include the basics:

  • A punchy or representative headline
  • Captivating product descriptions
  • Great product imagery - product shots and lifestyle shots.
  • Quotes and/or testimonials
  • A form to gather data (people won't always be ready to buy there and then, so offer them something in return for them providing their details, like a guide or competition entry. If they're ready to buy then let them do that by taking them to your shop page).

Depending on your business, sector and customer base, you will notice that some things work better than others when it comes to landing pages (so use Analytics to test and learn). However these tips are a good starting point to help you make the most of your landing page.

Here are a few inspirational landing pages from UK online retailers

Sous Chef

The online shop offering ingredients, equipment, tableware and gifts inspired by leading chefs and international cuisine managed to create a clever landing page. You will notice its simple design and powerful pictures, where information is easy to find.

Sous Chef Landing Page
Sous Chef Landing Page

The Homemakery

This online craft boutique knows how to immerse you in its colourful and warm-hearted universe from the start with its lovely landing page.

The Homemakery landing page
The Homemakery landing page

Tall Crooks

The independent streetwear brand from East London stayed true to its minimalistic design with a slick and simple landing page. Their website is completely representative of the products they are offering. Let’s not forget the navigation is made easy thanks to its smart layout.

TallCrooks landing page
TallCrooks landing page