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7 Underused Digital Marketing Strategies

Everyone has their own tips and tricks when it comes to digital marketing. However, some of these strategies are less used than others.  These are seven underused digital marketing strategies that we believe are some of the best—and least known.

1. Engage with games

Interactive games, quizzes, and contests—preferably those that involve users competing or submitting original content—are a great way to build traffic to your site. You’ll get not only game participants, but a rapt audience waiting to see the outcome of the game.  Quizzes that can be passed around on social media are great as well! Tools like Playbuzzcan help here.

Example: Bonobos’ Scavenger Hunt

In 2011, the men’s luxury apparel company started an Easter Egg-based campaign in collaboration with the design network NotCot.org and using Twitter #secretcode. The concept was simple: hidden images of models dressed in Bonobos signature pants were placed throughout the NotCot and NotCouture site.

Visitors could search the site to locate and click on the images.  The first 50 people that found the images each day would receive a $25 Bonobos credit plus free shipping.  As an added bonus, visitors that were able to find a guy in paisley pants received a special code for $100 off their purchase.

This gamification campaign was a success, empowering both the company and their customers by betting on curiosity, entertainment and scarcity.

bonobos scavenger hunt example
bonobos scavenger hunt example

2. Guest blogging — but not by you

Guest blogging itself is a great tactic, but it’s not the only one.  You can also try this every-so-slightly grey hat technique to net some backlinking to your site. Instead of submitting a post to your fave blog from yourself, have a friend or freelancer do it, but have them use your site as a resource within the body of the blog post.

Example: Autodesk promoting its sustainable message

The multinational software corporation works hard to promote sustainable design. They are known to post actively around the web. Here is an example of their contribution: a post about Designing a sustainable World in 3Don Forbes' website. This contributes to indirectly promote their actual blog “Autodesk Sustainable Blogging” by increasing brand awareness. But it also promotes Granta Design, whose Eco Materials Advisor technology is referenced strongly in the article. We don't know if Granta Design asked Autodesk to write the post or not. If they did then this is a great way to get an influential company to write about you on a widely read publication.

Forbes Autodesk blog post excerpt referencing Granta Design
Forbes Autodesk blog post excerpt referencing Granta Design

3. Track down your original images online

If you post original content on your site, chances are someone else has copied your images or linked them elsewhere. That’s not a bad thing, really! Use Google reverse image search to look for your content elsewhere, then politely ask the authors to link back to you as attribution. Most will be thrilled to do so.

4. Be a guest on a relevant podcast

Podcasts are always looking for quality authoritative guests, and they’ll be thrilled you’re reaching out. You could reach a whole new audience this way.

Here is a list of content marketing and business podcasts in the UK you can listen to on iTunes, Stitcher or their actual website:

5. Link building via dead links

Do some online searches for resources relevant to your topic.  Then, use a tool like Xenu Link Sleuth to find dead links. Check Archive.org to see if the content is there. If so, use it as inspiration for your own content. Then, contact the original page’s owner and let them know of the dead link and point out that you have a great replacement resource for them to link to.

6. WordPress widget: Top Commentators

The WordPress widget “Top Commentators” is a godsend if you’re willing to put in the work making quality comments on industry relevant blogs. Find blogs with this widget, then gift them content via your comments—their Top Commentator’s blogroll will link back to you. It’s a win win!

7. Write testimonials for products you love

If there are products or resources you love that are relevant to your industry, consider writing testimonials for their website.  This is another tit-for-tat situation. Most sites will be delighted to have your testimonial and happy to link to you as a result.

Example: Desk.com

Desk.com example of strong customer testimonial
Desk.com example of strong customer testimonial

Example: Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes example
Elegant Themes example

Are there any digital marketing techniques you have used which you've found really effective at driving relevant traffic to your site? Let us know and we'll feature the best examples in a separate post with links to your site.