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Benefits of marketing automation - a contradiction?

Marketing automation is gaining importance in the business sector. It may not be a long time away before it will become an essential factor that contributes towards entrepreneurial success. With the growing exposure to technology, more and more businesses are becoming aware of the benefits of marketing automation. A recent econsultancy study suggests that the percentage of businesses claiming to have an understanding of the benefits of marketing automation has increased by 6% to 88%. We find this a little strange. That’s because a lower proportion of companies think that the main benefits of marketing automation continue to be so, this year compared to last. In other words, more companies recognise that there are benefits associated with Marketing Automation overall, but a lower proportion think that there are multiple benefits.

The benefits of Marketing Automation under the microscope

Let’s dig into this a bit more. Statistics suggests that there has been a decline in the number of businesses associating marketing automation with benefits other than time saving. For example:

  • in comparison to the 83% of businesses linking marketing automation with more relevant communications in 2014, only 78% have supported this view in 2015.
  • Where 73% companies viewed marketing automation as a tool for sending timely messages in 2014, 72% think on the same lines in 2015.
  • Similarly, a drop by 4% has been observed in the number of companies who think marketing automation can help with cross-selling and up-selling.
  • Perhaps the most alarming was that fewer people see Marketing Automation being able to deliver increased revenue vs. a year before. 51% now vs. 57% in 2014.

Time saving is the only aspect that a larger number of businesses have endorsed as a benefit of marketing automation in comparison to last year - the number increasing from 56% registered in 2014 to 59% recorded in 2015.

econsultancy: marketing automation benefits

It’s good that businesses are recognise time saving as a benefit in connection with marketing automation, but if they increasingly think it’s the only benefit then the business case for automation gets weaker. Marketing Automation companies need to do a better job at helping clients understand the broader benefits and educating the market at how these can be achieved. Selling the benefit of time-saving and focussing on that can actually reduce the quality and relevancy of communications if companies aren’t careful. Companies, especially those in a B2C model, need to fully explore marketing automation to gain from its full potential, such as its effectiveness in the areas of carrying out more relevant communications and enhanced consumer engagement.

Marketing automation can be of your help in more ways than one. Get in touch with us if you face any difficulty or challenges in getting going in this area.