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Best of the retail marketing web February 2016

We've collected the best retail marketing articles from the past month and summarised them for you below. Check them out.

Are consumers buying through social media?

Rosie Freshwater, the Managing Director from Leapfrogg, talks about Social Commerce this month. Leapfrogg have a Premium Panel of of over 1000 retail consumers that they engage with on a regular basis to help them understand the needs and expectations of customers from the brands and retailers they buy from. This month they asked the panel about social buying habits and the results were quite revealing.

social commerce stat from Leapfrogg's Premium Panel

So just under a quarter of customers made a direct purchase through social media in the last few months, including the all important run up to Christmas. Our guess is that number has increased a lot over the past 12 months. Sure the number is still relatively low, but we're not talking 5% or 10% any more. Social buying is a thing, and speaking to some of our clients about it recently, it's clear how important channels like Facebook are to driving purchase.

On that note, Facebook is the main conversion driving social channel, followed by Instagram then Twitter. See the related stats in the full article.

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Common Web Accessibility Problems on Leading Ecommerce Sites

Online retailers clearly want to remove any barrier that blocks the customer's buying journey. Web accessibility is a blocker that can be hard to overcome given it's not a "perfect science", as this article lays out. It talks about the 3 web accessibility challenges facing online retailers: a lack of clearly defined guidelines, necessity around certain accessibility guidelines and built in issues on certain e-commerce platforms, such as WooCommerce.

WAVE - web accessibility tool

The author, Armando Roggio provides some really interesting information about the top US e-commerce sites, using a snapshot of data generated the WebAIM WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool. The tool highlighted a number of concerns such as missing Alt Text for images, Empty Links and Redundancy.

We found this article really useful, not least because it highlights a great tool you can use to check your own site's web accessibility. Nice one Armando!

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The Tinderisation of retail

This short article from Econsultancy reveals how Tinder has impacted the way we shop online. A number of brands have begun to implement Tinder's simplistic yes-no swipe interface for their own apps, sparking the term 'tinderisation'.

Grabble is one such app that brings the browsing serendipity of shopping in physical stores, onto mobile.

Grabble - hand-picked fashion

We find it interesting how ideas and experiences cross-pollinate. There's something really healthy about bringing in ideas and expertise from outside of your sector, to bring a fresh perspective. Something that Financial Services, as a sector, perhaps lacks? Retail is embracing this through tinderising!

However the author, Youtse Sung makes a massively important point that retailers should take note of before jumping fully onto the tinderisation bandwagon. It has the potential to affect all the hard work done on relationship building through content marketing and relevant messaging 'outside the swipe':

"With a wealth of data collected from the swipes, brands must look to cultivate their customers’ interests and preferences, to offer more than just a list of swipe-able products. Content marketing remains a vital part of that cultivation process."

We couldn't agree more Youtse.

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photo credit: Provincetown Shopping via photopin(license)