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Best of the web - retail marketing March 2016

We've curated articles we deem to be the best for retail marketing March 2016 and summarised them for you below.

Over-Categorization: Avoid Implementing Product Types as Categories

This is a handy article from Chrisian Holst of the Baymark Institute exposing an issue that is rife across e-commerce sites:

"During our usability studies of how users navigate e-commerce sites, one of the most severe issues observed is over-categorization. This occurs when a site wrongly implements its product types as mutually-exclusive category scopes when instead they should have been implemented as combineable filters"

Through their research on this particular study, they have uncovered a massive issues that causes site abandonment and give some great real life examples of how this is happening

Go Outdoors issues with over-categorization

Christian suggests that e-commerce retailers should:

  • Apply the Shared Product Attribute Test. This means that when product attributes are identical across a set of given product categories or sub-categories, then the set of product categories or sub-categories should be implemented as filters.
  • Avoid quick and dirty ad hoc product tagging fixes whereby you set up a category for a new group of products rather than implementing filters. Poor data management upfront will lead to greater complications and lack of meaningful reporting and insight down the line.

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Email habits of the modern consumer

Some great analysis of consumer behaviour in relation to email marketing here. The Leapfrogg team tell us:

"these statistics show that one customer may use multiple devices to view email at different points in the week."

This proves what already makes sense to many of us given it's highly likely that we do this as well. I certainly do! This is music to our ears given we're able to help our clients track the performance of email even if it's opened across multiple devices.

email habits of consumers receiving email from retailers

This article comes in two parts, with the second looking specifically at frequency of emails. The response from Leapfrogg's Premium Panel of respondents are quite telling. One third of people think once a week is the maximum a retailer should be sending an email, with a large proportion thinking even that is too much. Retailers who bombard the user with irrelevant discount-focussed emails every day in the hope that something in the email might be applicable to a fraction of the recipients are not only eroding their brand equity but destroying their ability to retain an ever-demanding savvy consumer.

email habits - frequency of emails

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How to bulletproof your online business

We thought this was a useful article to make sure your business is secure. Security is essential in Ecommerce of course. We know of several businesses who've been hacked in the past year.

Using SSL on your ecommerce site

The article is pretty exhaustive and covers many facets of business security. Not only does it give security advice but it also provides the tools to put the advice into action. We thought the sections on using VPN on public WIFI, Device encryption using SSL on all the pages of your website and password management were really really useful.

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The Millennial generation, online consumers of the future

This is an insightful article focusing on the growing delivery expectations of the Millennial generation when shopping online.

The article confirms the immediacy of the world we now live in. If Millienials have to wait too long for delivery puts them off buying. They want everything now and are prepared to pay for it. And woe betide any retailer who messes up, because this generation are more likely to shout about that on social channels and that has a knock-on effect too:

"61% saying a bad review about delivery on social media would influence their decision whether or not to shop with a retailer."

There are some interesting points around returns policies too. If you don't make the process easy for them, then 8.5 times out of 10 they won't shop with you.

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