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Best of the web – retail marketing May 2016

Retail marketing May 2016 - we've curated another collection of the best retail marketing articles we've found over the past month. Our summarised views on each article are below.  

Leapfrogg: which health & beauty brands are delivering a personalised experience?

This is a good analysis of 10 of the UK’s leading online health & beauty retailers and their levels of email personalisation, tailored content and offers.

Each of the retailers were assessed by two researchers (one who bought, and one who didn't buy products from each of the site) on 9 criteria ranging from personal data collected to personalised offers received after the online visit.

The results show a real lack of personalisation still: with very little data and preferences being collected and little evidence of customised content or offers. In fact most of the retailers studied took a general approach to communication across multiple channels.

Rosie Freshwater, the MD of Leapfrogg said:

“With such a wide scope for personalising the customer experience in the health and beauty sector, whether that be by product, age, gender, or skin type, it is disappointing how little seems to be happening even amongst the larger players."

For larger organisations there are logistical, strategic and political challenges of getting personalisation initiatives off the ground. Things take longer in such organisations, so there's a real opportunity for  smaller more agile players to show them up! Look Fabulous Forever - for example. Couldn't help mentioning one of our clients! ;)

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Customer Think: 14 Tips to Improve Your Twitter Advertising Strategy

Finally!  The ultimate guide to help businesses get a proper Twitter strategy. This article is on point by implementing in depth Marketing concepts to the Twittersphere.

The article remind us of all the facets which must be considered before, during and after tweeting. We like to plan, and like to see the emphasis put on this within the article over the first 5 tips.

We thought the point on using action words like Adverbs and Verbs to improve CTRs was really interesting. Definitely something we'll try ourselves. And the point on joint promotion of accounts (point 11) was thought-provoking too. Anyone want to test a joint promotion in this way with us??

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eCommerce Fuel: The Bare Minimum You Need to Know About Accounting

This article is really practical. It's a transcript from a podcast so the language is really easy to follow - you can hear the presenters saying the words and that makes this type of format really accessible in our minds. And it needs to be because accounting is NOT for everyone!

All the accounting essentials are explained in simple terms. And the section on Cashflow about half way down is a must read. Cash is king in any startup or small business so getting your head around this is key. There are some interesting views on Xero as an accounting tool and using an outsourced accountant too.

The post comes from a fantastic resource for e-commerce store owners - e-commerce fuel - a closed community e-commerce store owners of a specific size to share knowledge with one another without being harrassed by annoying suppliers like us ;0) ! We will, no doubt, be featuring more of their content in the future as it is highly pragmatic.

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Oh and be sure to check out their latest content, just published - an interview withJason Broughton from Zappos about Mastering User Experience. Fascinating insights.