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Best of the web – retail marketing July 2016

Retail marketing July 2016 - here's a collection of the best retail marketing articles we've found over the past month. Short summaries on each article are below:  

Memeburn: Tips for creating great content on a tight budget

Creating content can be nerve-racking as it is a never ending process! So if you want to save money while creating yours, check out this article.  These easy tips are a great reminder that good content can be achieved with a small budget.

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image: Stiller Beobachter via Flickr

Practical Ecommerce: 10 Google Analytics Custom Alerts, for Ecommerce

setting up custom alerts on google analytics
setting up custom alerts on google analytics

Google Analytics can be quite confusing when you’re not use to it. This article will help you to get the most of it for your Ecommerce business.

These 10 custom alerts will come in handy when something important happens on your website (sudden traffic spike or drop, sales spike or drop etc.). Thanks to this article, you'll quickly realise how customs alerts are easy to set up, so have a look and try the ones you’re most interested in.

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Econsultancy: Ecommerce in the UK post-Brexit: Positives, negatives & opportunities

This article was posted on June 27th but I think it’s really worth to mention it as it is very exhaustive on the matter of Brexit.

Brexit has been stressful for many industries, including e-commerce. In the UK, what should online retailers expect? This article by the experienced, Dan Barker explores many scenarios and offers a realistic point of view regarding Brexit. As always, Brexit will both have positive and negative consequences for Ecommerce economy.

We like the balanced view Dan provides and certainly hope for more of the positive, given the weakened pound is already having a noticeable impact on our business.

The comments beneath the article are also worth reading; it is a very sensitive subject for everyone.  Feel free to vent your frustrations or positive thoughts below!

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image: Google's UK office - Econsultancy

Leapfrogg: How Leapfrogg are supporting Brighton & Hove Impetus in 2016

Not strictly related to ecommerce marketing, but we wanted to feature this post in any case. This article shows what collaboration between thoughtful organisations can bring to the community, and help improving the quality of life of vulnerable people. It is nice to see our friends at Leapfrogg giving back to their local community in Brighton.

This inspirational article is simply a proof that volunteering is not as complicated as we might think, especially when baking is involved!

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