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CASE STUDY: Growing your email list

If you are an SME e-commerce retailer, growing your email list is probably a bit of an obsession. You can forecast fairly accurately how many transactions you'll get from an email campaign, using an average historical conversion rate. So the more people you add to the list, the more transactions you generate. We don't disagree that list growth is important. But as important is what you do with that list to nurture the relationship with the people within it.

Below is a graph from one of our client's Mail Chimp accounts. We're pretty proud of what we've been able to achieve for them. In January they started working with us and we grew the size of their list by 384%. And for the period of Feb - July it had grown by a further 80%. How? By creating a "Single Customer View". This unified their email list data with their historical e-commerce data. And because we connect automatically with their MailChimp account we made this combined "Single Customer View" list available immediately for campaigns.

CASE STUDY image - how to grow your email list

So after they started working with us, in their MailChimp account they now had a list, which included:

  • Email list Subscribers who haven't bought yet
  • Email list Subscribers who have bought
  • Purchasers, who haven't pro-actively subscribed to their email list

As you can see by combining all this data and continuing to combine it automatically over time, we've kept building their email list by adding new purchasers to it every hour, of every day.

The Soft Opt-in rule

Some people ask us: "are you allowed to do this? To market to people who haven't pro-actively opted in but have bought from you?". The simple answer is yes. The soft opt-in rule allows a retail business to legally market to customers who have made a prior purchase with them. The only requirement is that the retailer has to give the recipient the ability to unsubscribe.

Rais facilitates this automatically, so every day our clients' lists grow with customers who have bought from them, who they can build a stronger relationship with over time. No need for time-wasting manual imports of data.

And what's more...

Given that we automatically calculate customer lifecycle segment status and a number of other metrics for customers, our clients are running a variety of automated nurturing campaigns tailored to the status of a customer at various points in time. This is allowing our clients to follow up with offers, feedback surveys, social media-related calls-to-action and many more.

And their lists keep on growing!


For more information about this case study please contact me at will@rais.io - Thanks!

Author: Will Young, CEO and Head of Customer Happiness