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CASE STUDY: How to improve email campaign performance

Email is still one of the best marketing levers you can pull, to get consumers to buy from you. Because it is so good compared to other channels, a lot of businesses do not bother trying to improve email campaign performance. I can understand the allure of trying to make other channels work better. But is it right spending more time than it is worth on channels that simply don't convert sales as well? This case study proves that by taking a few simple steps, you can build a good marketing channel into a great one and improve email campaign performance significantly.

We studied a client of ours before they began using our system and 9 months into their relationship with us. They're an increasingly successful business for a number of reasons. So comparing revenues generated through email campaigns this year vs. last wouldn't be fair, given they're marketing to more people this year (which we also played a part in - see this additional case study for details). So we decided to look at how much performance they are squeezing out of their current email programme on a per campaign basis, compared with the time before they started using rais. This allowed us to create two simple performance metrics: average revenue per campaign and average orders per campaign.

Using data from Google Analytics we were able to see a 126% increase in orders per campaign and a 165% increase in revenue per campaign.

how to improve email campaign performance
how to improve email campaign performance

Using segmentation to improve email campaign performance

Our client implemented segmentation within their email campaigns. Using rais they split their total customer base down into two or three customer segments per campaign. Each segment got a slightly different call to action or content, which in turn made each campaign more relevant. This didn't mean creating three totally different email designs. It meant creating one design and altering it slightly for different types of customer. So having three versions of an email didn't require 3 times the amount of time to create. In fact it is taking the client only a fraction more time to create two or three campaigns, than the time they spent to create a single campaign.

The results: well over a 100% improvement in email campaign performance.

Sometimes it pays to spend a little more time to get more out of the marketing channels that really work for you.

For more information on how to improve email campaign performance using segmentation, drop me an email at will@rais.io.

Author:Will Young, CEO and Head of Customer Happiness