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CASE STUDY: the relevance of customer lifecycle marketing

As an e-commerce retailer,  not only is growing your email list important, but improving the proportion of people who purchase from that list is too. So how do you do that? We say it's all about relevance. It's about engaging specific segments of your list at the right time, with the right message. Some great examples of this can be found in customer lifecycle marketing. We try to keep things simple at rais. So we picked a simple bar chart to tell the story of how one of our clients begun communicating to customers at various points in their lifecycle automatically using our platform. These customers have received messages, specific to their status at key points in their journey. The conversion rate (i.e. the % of people clicking through and buying directly from an email received) for these lifecycle emails is 18% to 157% better than the average conversion rate for all emails delivered (which in itself is pretty good, at 4.4%).

ecommerce conversion charts
ecommerce conversion charts

rais automatically tells our client's email system when to send emails to which customers automatically. So while our client is busy plotting the next set of activity rais is converting people in the background.

When customers come on board they receive a series of welcome emails. rais ensures customers only receive each welcome email if they remain 'non-buyers'. Anyone buying after one of these emails gets moved into a different segment and receives different marketing. When customers become "at risk", rais predicts they should have re-purchased, so they receive an email gently inviting them to come back to the site. If they don't buy, these customers become dormant and receive a stronger call-to-action to try and coax them back.

For more information on how to get the most out of customer lifecycle marketing for your retail brand, drop me an email at will@rais.io. I'm always happy to chat things through.

Author:Will Young, CEO and Head of Customer Happiness