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Cheap Fashion - who cares?

Since the economic crisis discount retailers in the UK have flourished. Pound stores are everywhere, Aldi and Lidl are gaining market share and Primark reigns supreme! Indeed, the market for cheap or 'disposable' fashion that lasts a season and gets thrown away or put to the back of the wardrobe is huge. Retailers have found ways to source and sell cheap items. Would you rather shell our £10 every 3 months for a new t-shirt or spend £40 on something of better quality that might last a year or two? Moreover do you care about the person who made the shirt on your back?

The impact of cheap fashion

The thought provoking video below shows an example of the impact of cheap fashion. We like it because it brings a purchase consideration to the surface, which we believe resides in the recesses of our mind. We think that as consumers we think less about the impact our purchases have both on those who produce them and indeed on ourselves - this is especially true of food. But with everything that goes on in our lives, can you blame us for not carefully considering everything we buy? If we aren't told then nothing will change. Which is why, in our view, the overarching message this video delivers is a good thing.

So what would you do?