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Educating others about the capability of automated marketing software

Marketing automation is a becoming an increasingly important capability for many retail companies and digital marketers. Hardly a surprise seeing as the lifeblood of any online business is to remind its potential and existing customer base it’s there. There are many companies, which offer different automated marketing software, which meet different end user requirements. However, there is much more to consider when implementing marketing automation. Of course, the software is there to be used and it can be very tempting to put it to use straight away, but automated marketing software is only as good as the user’s knowledge of the product. In this regard, education plays a keen role in ensuring that any business’s marketing automation is successful.

Gaining a robust understanding of how automated marketing software works is imperative

If a digital marketer works autonomously then they should ensure that they are fully familiar with how the automated marketing software works, and what benefits it has to offer. If a business is implementing such software, it will only reap the benefits of the automated marketing software if it has educated the rest of the workforce as to how the software works. The reason for this is because marketing automation allows for a more precise marketing strategy, so rather than sending out the same bulky communications, a more tailored marketing strategy can be put together.

What is the best approach when it comes to educating team members?

Educating others can seem like a time-consuming hindrance in the initial stages, but the person carrying out the training merely needs to come up with a strategy that ensures all team members are actively engaged. Team workshops are an ideal way to deliver training to a mass collective, while ensuring attendees remain engaged. While many people learn using different methods, a group workshop will allow team members to ask any questions in relation to the software as well as highlighting some frequently asked questions in relation to a particular aspect of the automated marketing software.

When everyone is on the same page and fully understands what can be achieved using the automated marketing software, it's then time to evolve the marketing strategy. For example, contacts can be now be organised so they are receiving messages that mirror the stage they are at within a business sales cycle. As expected, a new subscriber would require a different call-to-action than a qualified lead or existing customer. In fact, if a customer receives marketing that doesn’t speak to them directly, it’s almost a certainty that they will dismiss the communication anyway. This is where team members come together to not only highlight potential ideas, but also point out any pitfalls associated with the marketing strategy. Approaching customers with communications that are more tailored towards them will help any business improve its sales funnel.

Ensure that any education retains its momentum

It’s worth noting that education shouldn’t be a one-off event, team members may forget some aspects of what the marketing automation software can do if it’s not part of their regular routine. There can also be a number of new obstacles to overcome. Education should become a frequent occurrence, whether it’s for a sole digital marketer, or a business with a number of employees. A regular get together also allows a business to recognise individuals who are constantly surpassing expectations, and incentivise those who may need to catch up. There doesn’t need to be a regular workshop, as most of the information will already be common knowledge. It merely needs to address any recurring issues as well as any positive trends that have been noticed since the automated marketing software was implemented. Not only does it allow employees to learn from the business direct, it also allows them to learn from each other.

Another way to ensure that employees keep up to date with the automated marketing software is to converse with a wider community of users online. While a physical meeting may not always be possible, an online meeting can be more straightforward. Users are able to connect with each other using a number of different services, such as webinars, community forums and group chats.