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rais Best Customer Finder to help retailers reach seasonal shoppers

UK e-commerce stores are being given a helping hand with the important task of targeting customers more effectively in the run up to the seasonal sales rush with the launch of the new rais marketing tool. A customer intelligence and CRM platform designed specifically for retailers, rais has pioneered a Best Customer Finder feature. This helps those selling online and from bricks and mortar locations to target the most relevant shoppers in their sales pipeline, customer databases and prospect pools. Marketing channels such as Facebook, email and direct mail are made more effective with the tool.

By ensuring messages are highly relevant to the recipient, retailers employing the Best Customer Finder will benefit from communication improvements and quicker and more effective sales growth. Research conducted by VB Insight earlier this year[1] found that personalisation in this manner – which is especially predominant in channels such as email and social media – can increase the effectiveness of key metrics including sales conversions by 70-94%.

rais CEO and Co-Founder Will Young:

“Businesses using rais typically report 18 – 157% better conversion rates. This is consistent across our client base due in part to our Best Customer Finder functionality. With the busiest shopping weeks of the year upon us, we recognize that retailers are under increasing pressure to do more and sell more, often with less time and more limited resources.

Best Customer Finder is one way we help our clients achieve targeted business growth. We do this by making it easy for retailers to segment their prospects, indentify their most valuable clients and proactively communicate highly targeted messages to that segment.”

From now until the end of December, rais is offering Magento and Shopify e-commerce stores in the UK, as well as those who use Mail Chimp or Get Response for email marketing to take rais for a test drive for free.

The no subscription offer takes retailers through the crucial Christmas sales period with extensive assistance across a number of key marketing functions. Trial users can expect to generate more repeat business, acquire better customers, learn how to sell more and grow sales revenues with easy-to-act-upon customer insight and a powerful collection of marketing tools.



[1] Source: http://insight.venturebeat.com/report/marketing-personalization-maximizing-relevance-and-revenue?utm_source=vb&utm_medium=refer&utm_content=editorial-post&utm_campaign=personalization-report