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rais reports 157% increase in conversions for retailers getting smart about email marketing

We at rais have recently reported a 157% increase in conversions for one of our e-commerce retail clients who is using rais to get smart about email marketing. In a new case study examining the relevance of customer lifecycle marketing, we examined how automated messages deployed with rais at specific points of the customer lifecycle can impact on sales. By focusing on increasing the relevance of email communications by deploying tailored messages at specific points in the customer journey, rais was able to increase conversions by 18% - 157% more than the average.

Will Young, Co-founder and CEO of rais said,

“We’re delighted with the results of our work in this case study, which shows just how effective tailoring communications to the customer lifecycle can be. Using the rais platform, our client was able to communicating with their customers at various points in their lifecycle automatically. These customers received messages, specific to their status at key points in their journey.

The volume of people clicking through and buying directly from an email received for those lifecycle emails is proven to be 18% to 157% better than the average conversion rate for all emails delivered. This really demonstrates the importance of personalisation in email marketing and the potential to generate more sales by changing one aspect of the email marketing process to include more focused lifecycle marketing strategies.”

Our system takes the guesswork out of lifecycle marketing for e-commerce brands. Its clever technology automatically interfaces with the client’s chosen email marketing platform (such as Mailchimp) and tells it when to send emails to which customers. This automated approach uses segmentation for efficiency.

With lifecycle marketing, rais identifies customers in categories such as at risk – those who haven’t ordered for a while – and will send an automated email to encourage them back to purchase. The ultra smart system will then send a stronger call to action if the client becomes dormant. For retailers, the potential benefits of this system are significant.

Will Young added:

 “Email marketing is a very powerful platform and can be used to intelligently maintain profitable and valuable relationships with customers. The rais platform pro-actively manages communications to ensure lifecycle marketing is efficient and effective. The157% increase in conversions shows just how much potential there is to transform marketing and kick sales up a gear.”

To view the rais customer lifecycle marketing case study, click here