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The Social Retail Summit hits London and rais gets involved

Social Retail Summit - customer data panel
Social Retail Summit - customer data panel

On Thursday 24th June, a series of retailers, agencies and technology enablers all came together at the inaugural Social Retail Summit in London. The series has been running successfully in Brooklyn for several years. The organiser, Peter Verkooijen decided to bring the format to London, a hotbed for retail innovation.

Social Retail Summit panel discussions

Speakers across a number of panels discussed topics ranging from the challenges that direct-to-consumer brands have in the current retail climate to the use of customer data in social marketing. Phil Ellis of Blaze, Grant Cleveland of Breakthemold and Alex O'Byrne of We Make Websites kicked off the first panel. They discussed the balance between engaging consumers through traditional broadcast PR and social and how there's still a place for both, at different times within the evolution of a direct-to-consumer business.

The second panel had a pop-up theme. It featured Alice Mayor of We Built This City, Daniel Peters of BBSClothing and Juliana Bainiaksina and Peter Jeun Ho Tasang of The Dandy Lab. The common theme was one of how pop-up shops have the ability to delight an audience in a really authentic way, by both technology-enabled social media or good old-fashioned human interaction.

Panel 3 included Dave O'Meara of Photospire, Tommy Howard of Holition and Brendan Courtney of Frock Advisor. There was a lot of talk about how media can enhance and empower the consumer, if leveraged correctly by the retailer.

In the fourth panel, our CEO, Will Young was joined by Mandeep Singh of Streethub, Josh Mora of Handpick and Diana Lee of Clotho. Using data in a meaningful way to improve the experience the consumer has with the retail brand was the focus of the discussion. For example, Mandeep talked about how Streethub empowers their merchants with consumer intelligence they never had, enabling those merchants to better serve consumers when they come to the store. And Josh talked about how HandPick is making finding the right outfit via mobile devices is really easy using qualitative data. There's a short video of Will below talking about some of the challenges smaller retailers have when it comes to making sense of data. It's hard enough doing the basics when time's against you as a small retailer. Let alone thinking about harnessing the data you're amassing. Which of course is why rais exists!

We're looking forward to the next Social Retail Summit in October and exploring ways that today's retailers can connect authentically with their consumers at scale and the role data plays in that process.