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business forecasting

Plan for the ups and downs with our revenue forecasting and demand planning services.

By providing a view on the future performance of your business, we help you to make the best decisions to mitigate risks and jump on opportunities.


Two types of forecast - which do you need?

Revenue forecast Model

A business forecast based on actual customer behaviours, which allows you to model your own future scenarios, to account for foreseeable changes in:

  • The volume of newly acquired customers

  • The product mix and its impact on customer behaviour

  • The price / promotion mix


Who this is for:

  • Businesses that need to accurately forecast future performance in order to better plan and allocate resources to their marketing and operations budgets


What does it cost?

From £150 per month

Product Demand Forecast (Direct to consumer channel)

A rolling bottom-up forecast providing a baseline view on unit sales per product as well as an uplift view which accounts for future promotions. This requires:

  • Information about of past and future promotions (discount amount, type)

  • Information about of future product launches

  • The ability for us to retrieve transactional data from your website


Who this is for:

  • Businesses that retail goods online to consumers via their own website, without the time or resources to produce as accurate a demand plan as they’d like to.


What does it cost?

From £300 per month

Beyond outside business pressures, what keeps retail supply chain professionals up at night? Many cite concerns about clarity and confidence involving demand forecasting
— RIS News