AI-driven Customer Data Management and Utilisation platform

Case study:

£1 spent, £38 in return


Our customer operates in the Travel sector and wanted to generate more bookings from their most important customers, rewarding them in the process by offering them special early re-booking opportunities for places they'd stayed in previously. This was complex as they had to identify specific locations that were available for an early re-booking and offer these to specific customers. 

One of the really powerful aspects of rais is its ability to mine contextual data about products, transactions and customers. rais was able to identify when locations became available, who'd stayed in them previously and when, and create specific metadata that was sent to our customer's Email Service Platform which automatically triggered a series of re-booking emails. We also had to prioritise by customer, which locations they would be eligible to re-book through in order for them not to be bombarded with multiple emails over a short space of time. 

Here are the results of the campaign :

£1 to £38.jpg

Needless to say this customer is using rais more and more, for targeted campaigns across not just email but Facebook too.