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Case study: Increasing acquisition, decreasing CPA

Case study: Increasing acquisition by 5.3%, decreasing CPA by 5%


Our customer was acquiring brand new customers at an average of 980 per month at a Cost Per Acquisition of £15.82.

By using our platform to suppress specific segments of existing customers they were able to make their acquisition budget go further. they were able to prevent existing, already acquired customers from being exposed to ads on Facebook and Instagram. This meant that for the same amount spent they were able to reach more genuinely new prospects.

Their acquisition volume rose by 5.3% to 1032 per month. Their CPA dropped 5% to £15.02.

Over the course of a year, the additional 52 customers they acquired each month generated an additional £40.5K in lifetime spend, 3.5 times their annual investment in rais.

increase acquisition decrease cpa.png

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