AI-driven Customer Data Management and Utilisation platform
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the customer data platform for direct-to-consumer brands

we make it easy for you to trust & use customer data to improve Customer Lifetime Value

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What is rais?

rais is a smart, scalable software platform and analytics services.

It uses AI and predictive algorithms to bring together, analyse and enrich customer data.

We then make it easy for you to use that the data within your marketing campaigns and to understand marketing performance.

Designed to assist the CRM discipline in businesses that sell to, or have the potential to sell to huge numbers of customers, which they can’t all manage on a human-to-human basis.

In short, rais makes life easier, more efficient and smarter.


What do we do at rais?

This explains it a bit: data goes in, better data comes out!


We make data fit for purpose




We make data valuable




We put this valuable data to work


✔️ CRM


We make sense of data




Ultimately it’s about giving you a better customer data set to use at the right moment with the right customer to generate greater customer lifetime value

Sectors we specialise in

Consumer Goods

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Fashion, Accessories & Homewares

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Case study:

generating £38 for every £1 spent with rais

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