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rais has been a fantastic platform to help me understand key health indicators of the e-commerce businesses that I work with. We have used it to help personalise email campaigns, update audiences and track measures such as repeat rates, lifetime value and new customer numbers. 

As well as the platform, rais has also provided in-depth reports including analysis of customers, forecasting and modelling.

It is a massive bonus having that personal help and not just using platform with no-one to bounce ideas off. 

Sam Musk, Ecommerce and Digital Marketing Consultant


how rais can add value to your clients and differentiate you from your competitors.

We work with agencies and consultants in different ways, but always the focus is on ensuring that your reputation is preserved and your clients gain value from what we can provide.

The ways we engage are listed below. Contact us for more information.


deploy with our support

SUITED TO: Digital Marketing / E-commerce Consultants, E-commerce Agencies, Digital Marketing Agencies, CRM Agencies, Direct Mail Agencies

EXAMPLE USE CASE: You see an opportunity to both improve your client’s use of data, save time in managing and analysing data for them and to generate more recurring revenue for your own business. We work with you in the background to deploy rais for use with your client(s), helping you to use our platform to analyse performance and execute campaigns for your client.

We can even white-label the platform for you, so you have ready-made tech that can quickly start to create impact, while you retain full ownership of the client relationship. We’re flexible in our approach and if you require ad hoc access to Data Science-as-a-Service resource in the background, you can turn that off and on when you need to, adding a further string to your bow.


setup + commission

SUITED TO: E-commerce Agencies

EXAMPLE USE CASE: Your client isn’t making the most from their data, due to legacy data issues or lack of know-how. They have duplicate customer records and sending data from their e-commerce platform / ERP to a traditional CRM tool or email platform creates data integrity issues. With our support, you can create an integration with rais that will result in your client’s data being cleaned and enriched and more fit-for-purpose within their marketing campaigns and performance analysis.

You charge your client for establishing the integration and receive from rais an ongoing commission on the monthly licence fees rais charges the client within the first 12 months of the relationship with them.

The rais team can provide support throughout the process, including the initial pitch.


Introductions / Referrals

SUITED TO: Digital Marketing / E-commerce Consultants, E-commerce Agencies, Digital Marketing Agencies.

EXAMPLE USE CASE: You see an opportunity for a client to take more advantage of their customer data by unifying it and using it to drive repeat business and improve their customer marketing strategy. You don’t have the bandwidth to deploy rais yourself, or it’s not a core area of focus, but you have your clients’ interests at heart and think they could benefit from a conversation with us.

In such cases rais will provide a referral bonus to your, paid monthly over the first 12 months of our relationship with any client you first introduce to us.