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Why we're here

Agata and I have worked with retailers since day 1 of our careers. Around the globe, we’ve helped them transform their customer data into better business decisions and more impactful, relevant marketing programmes. It’s this relevancy that we’re passionate about. It’s what engages a customer and generates that extra sale.
We founded rais to help retailers overcome the hurdles they face in becoming more relevant. As individuals we got fed up of receiving clumsy Marketing communications from retailers who should know better. So rais is here to work with retailers who share our beliefs but who don’t have a lot of time or resources.
We’re 100% focussed on commerce businesses and evolve our product to suit their needs. In fact we insist on our clients providing us regular feedback so we continue to improve the service we offer.
Our software is presented in a simple, clean, uncluttered way so you don’t have to pour over graphs and tables. It’s designed for people who are not naturally analytical or technical. People who want the ability to understand their customers better and use this knowledge to build a better return on their customer relationships.


Will Young, CEO


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We're a friendly bunch at rais. So get in touch if you have any questions about your data and how to better use it. We're always willing to provide a point of view. 

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Leadership Team

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Will Young

I’ve helped multi-channel retailers and consumer goods companies, both sides of the Atlantic, extract value from their data, my entire career. Agata and I started rais to solve a problem that still occurs. The time it takes to process, enrich and act on data to get value from it at the right moment. 

Favourite shopping experience…

Eataly in New York.
Because... I love Italian food and wine, and the experience is really immersive; products are really well merchandised and high quality.

When I’m not working I’m….

  • Thinking about work!
  • Working out.
  • Watching sport. 
  • Hanging out with my family

In a parallel universe I’d be…

  • The winner of Pop Idol

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Agata Boczkowska

I’ve worked in retail my entire career. My parents founded and sold a successful fashion business, so growing up I got a sense for what it takes for startups like theirs to grow and flourish. It’s my job to make sure we continue to innovate and deliver value from to our clients through the development of our platform.

Favourite shopping experience

Manufaktura shopping mall in my home city of Lodz, Poland.
Because... the restored brick textile factories that the city was built on surround a modern glass mall, creating a stunning environment in which to shop and eat.

When I'm not working I'm...

  • Walking the dog
  • In the gym

In a parallel universe I'd be

  • Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer.

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Babis Paravalos

I lead our software development activity at rais. I’m from Lavrio, a small coastal town near Athens, Greece. My studies and professional experience have given me an opportunity to program in many languages. I enjoy analysing, designing and implementing the work required to create, extend and maintain software products. I earned my degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering and enjoy putting my learning into practice every day.

Favourite shopping experience

Psaragora, the fish market in my home town of Lavrio, Greece.
Because...It has great local food and drink (ouzo, tsipouro, raki – the most remarkable!) in a beautiful and traditional area, making you feel you are on vacation on a Greek island!

When I'm not working I'm...

  • Cooking
  • Reading
  • Learning new things
  • Having fun with friends

In a parallel universe I'd be...

  • A Jedi with a yellow lightsaber

What we stand for

These values influence the way we run rais, who we choose to hire and how we work with our clients. They give us purpose as a team, unifying us and making rais a great place to work.

  • Fair – we act fairly in everything we do. We charge fair prices and work with clients in a fair manner that’s agreed up front. We ensure fair treatment of our team members by pro-actively building empathy for each other.
  • Formative – innovating our products by listening to our clients needs and by anticipating their future needs. We reinvest a proportion of profits into R&D and training to allow our people to develop their capabilities and make us stronger and more capable as a team.
  • Fit – supporting a healthy body, healthy mind philosophy that encourages employees to lead a healthy lifestyle. We believe this allows our team to perform at a higher level and enjoy life outside the 9 to 5 too.


Agata Boczkowska, COO