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What is rais?


rais is a smart, scalable software platform and analytics services. It uses AI and predictive algorithms to stitch together, analyse, create and deploy customer data.

Designed to assist CRM for businesses that sell to, or have the potential to sell to huge numbers of customers, which they can’t all manage on a human-to-human basis.

rais makes life easier, more efficient and smarter


What do we do at rais?


Make data fit for purpose

Every business we’ve come across has duplicate customer records. The result: customers get the wrong messages and treatment. And every business collects loads of data. But too often it’s just not put to use.

rais de-duplicates and merges together customer data from any system of record, creating an accurate, usable ‘data foundation’. In our experience between 5% and 15% of customers records are duplicates; costly, if left undealt with.


Make data valuable

When data are brought together they become more valuable. It’s a bit like bringing together musicians in a symphony orchestra.

It’s this orchestral layer of ‘logic’ that is our secret sauce. It generates enriched customer metadata to suit the context of our clients individual businesses, giving them greater insight and segmentation opportunities.


Put this valuable data to work

The data that sits in your CRM, email software or other channels of communication is so often static and inaccurate, especially without any de-duplication of customer records.

So we make sure that those systems have better data in them to make your campaigns more socially intelligent, timely, and perform better. Our platform automatically sends enriched data to these channels in real-time. Think of rais as your Virtual Campaign Analyst, automatically preparing your data to your needs.


Make sense of data

Interpreting data isn’t easy. It takes a mixture of skills to really nail it down. Often nuggets of insight never get unearthed.

The team at rais bring years of data analysis experience to bear on our client’s problems, helping them understand performance and know what to stop, start or continue. Our constantly evolving platform has been designed to answer questions quickly.


Ultimately it’s about giving you an enriched customer data asset to use at the right moment with the right customer to generate greater customer lifetime value

Sectors we specialist in

Consumer goods

Whether you are selling cosmetics, coffee, cava or cat food you'll want to improve repeat purchase rates and cross-sell products in a more targeted manner. rais has custom segmentations tailored to consumer goods businesses that align to the your customers buying patterns. It comes from years of experience working with retailers in this sector. 

Travel & Leisure

When you're selling experiences, like holidays, the underlying data model needs to adjust to ensure the timing of follow up marketing messages is socially intelligent. Working with one of the UK's leading holiday businesses is testament to our ability to deliver a tailored solution for this sector, that generates repeat bookings and advocacy. 

Fashion, Accessories & Homewares

When products have a natural seasonal shelf-life then you need to maximise the sales opportunity. But so do all your competitors, hence mass discounting and very little brand loyalty. rais helps you ensure that VIPs aren't forgotten and treated the same as less profitable deal-seekers. And that basket size gets maximised with minimal discount.

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Case study:

generating £38 for every £1 spent with rais

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